Robyn K. DeanRobert Q. PollardIt was in 1995 that Robyn K. Dean and Robert Q Pollard presented their first public lecture on what would eventually blossom into the demand control schema.  Subsequently, through 22 co-authored publications, nine DC-S related research and training grants, and scores of lecturers and workshops, the milestone represented by this textbook has been achieved.  Dean and Pollard’s distinct yet complimentary talents have been instrumental in driving this work forward and achieving the international acclaim it has garnered, not only for DC-S itself but for recognition that interpreting is a “practice profession.”  Ms. Dean, a faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Rochester (UR) School of Medicine, continues her research and teaching activities internationally.  Dr. Pollard, Professor of Psychiatry at UR, founded and heads its Deaf Wellness Center.